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Community based mental health residential services

Life Sharing & Family Living


Individualized Supports, are provided in the home and the community to address specific goals outlined in the Individualized Support Plan (ISP) process. Individual Supports are one-on-one services offered to individuals in their homes, schools, communities and other settings of the person’s choice. A strong emphasis is placed on positive family and peer interactions. Services are focused on self-care needs, emotional supports, daily activities, recreational opportunities, social development, safety awareness and additional skill building strategies.


Arc Human Services operates residential homes throughout Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Clearfield, Jefferson, Indiana and Washington countries. At each site, direct care professionals assist in providing a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere combined with teaching the necessary skills to maintain day-to-day living. AHS also provides structured community outings, vacations and events which allow people or individuals, and their network to achieve appreciation for the other.

In a home-like environment, individuals are able to receive the support and supervision needed to cook, clean, shop and engage in all facets of daily living. Individuals learn self-care, mobility, personal and social development, communication and language and money management skills.

Supported Living Homes

In this program, one or more adults share an apartment or other residence in the community. They live on their own, but receive support services and assistance from staff on an as needed basis. The goal of the Supported Living program is to allow clients to graduate to a completely independent setting. For some individuals, these environments along with regular staff visits become their long-term home.

Community based mental health residential services

Through a contract with Washington County Behavioral Health & Developmental Services, AHS provides consumers with mental illness and/or co-occurring substance abuse disorders with Housing Case Management as well as limited financial assistance to procure and maintain independent living arrangements both alone or in a shared environment according to the consumer’s choice. Case managers assist with finding a safe, affordable location, interpretation of leasing agreements and ongoing landlord-tenant negotiations.

Life Sharing & Family Living

Lifesharing supports individuals with intellectual disabilities to live with qualified adults who provide support in their home. Up to two individuals with a disability can live in a lifesharing home and be supported by ODP funding. Most lifesharing homes are licensed and inspected to ensure the health and welfare of individuals being served. Individuals in lifesharing also have supports coordinators to monitor the quality of services on a regular basis. 

Lifesharing means living with and sharing life experiences with supportive persons who form a caring household. Lifesharing providers can be relatives of the individual or someone not related. Lifesharing is recognized as both a close personal relationship and a place to live. Lifesharers offer individuals the opportunity to be part of a family and to participate in community life. Lifesharers and individuals are carefully matched and supported by qualified professionals to achieve the person’s program objectives. Birth families are encouraged to be part of the matching process and continue to have close relationships with individuals who choose a lifesharing option. 


Arc focuses on quality of life and happiness to the individuals that we serve from school age through adulthood that lets the individual grow with Arc. Arc offers multiple comprehensive programs (clinical, nursing, community participation services, advocacy, employment, etc) that are built into the residential program. At Arc, we encourage outside of the box thinking and creativity in supporting the individuals we support to lead productive and fulling lives. Direct Support Professionals working at Arc, encourage community involvement and assistance in developing personal and meaningful relationships with others. Our residential homes are safe and well maintained and provide a home environment to those residing there. We encourage family style nutritious meals which allows the persons support team to have meals and socialize with people receiving support.


If you’re looking for a meaningful and rewarding job that offers flexible hours and a comfortable workplace that promotes teamwork, then Arc Human Services is perfect for you. We match each staff member with the right individual and location, we offer opportunities for advancement and ongoing training,

Once an application is completed online, a recruiter will contact the candidate for an interview. If the candidate is selected, they will receive an offer letter that includes their proposed schedule, primary site location and items that need to be completed prior to orientation like physical information.

We host multi-day orientations as well as onsite shadowing and training for approximately 40 hours, then provide ongoing training throughout employment. These trainings are provided by the Agency Nurse, Program Specialist, Behavior Specialist and are specific to the individuals served. Online training provided through Relias. Additional training as needed provided from the HCQU.

People who are interested in growing with the company will be trained and mentored in aspects of the job that they are interested in attaining.

Each homes’ schedule is created to meet the unique needs of the individuals in the home. Each home has the ability to adapt schedules as needed to meet the needs of the people we support. Staff are categorized as full time (guaranteed 40 hours a week with full benefits) part time- (guaranteed less than 40 hours a week, partial benefits) or on call (guaranteed 0-30 hours a week with more flexibility in choosing shifts.

  • Meaningful and rewarding job
  • Flexibility
  • Comfortable workplace-promote teamwork
  • Match staff with the right individuals and location
  • Opportunities for advancement- ongoing training
  • Company thinks of the DSP first when looking at incentives, salary, compensation, etc

Once an application is completed online, a recruiter will contact the candidate for an interview. If the candidate is selected, they will receive an offer letter that includes their proposed schedule, primary site location and items that need to be completed prior to orientation like physical information.

Community based mental health residential services

Arc Human Services provides a community residential rehabilitation program which provides a stable and supportive setting for persons with serious mental illness. Residents live in a home-like setting where they receive counseling and rehabilitation appropriate to their individual levels of function, enabling them to progress at their own pace from the transitional living situation to living independently in the community. Referrals are accepted from the Base Service Units and authorized by the County. AHS has two licensed homes in Washington as well as Specialized Housing – a program to address and meet the unique needs of those living with mental illness – in Butler and Beaver Counties.

“I love working at Arc…

…and being able to enjoy the smiles and happiness from my individuals’ faces when we go on adventures and have new experiences; it just melts my heart.”


Our work enables individuals of all abilities to fulfill their ambitions, protect their rights and foster meaningful relationships at home, at work and in their communities.
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A career at Arc Human Services provides life-enriching work in a family-friendly environment with advancement opportunities and flexible schedules.


Our Advocacy and Self-Advocacy programs encourage and empower individuals with disabilities to use their voice and speak up for what they want.
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Your support helps us to offer in-home and group home settings, job coaching, advocacy training, camps and social activities. The people who work at this organization truly love helping!


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