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Where We Work…

Arc Human Services’ Community Based Services strives to maximize the independence of adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. By assisting them with skill development and training, individuals can attain employment within the community. Through our programs and services, clients are able to be more independent and can increase their level of social, vocational, emotional and education functioning.

Arc Human Services offers employment services to businesses to meet both staffing and janitorial needs while providing those with disabilities the opportunity to be part of their community and earn a paycheck.

Our small group employment services provide businesses with a trained workforce of laborers or staff with varying disabilities who are supported on-site with job coaching.

Our business partners enter into a contract with Arc Human Services. This alleviates the need for businesses to handle payroll, scheduling, and other administrative requirements.

Our commercial janitorial program provides the opportunity for those we serve to develop vocational skills while meeting the cleaning needs of our business partners.

For more information, please contact Brent Troyan, Director of Employment Services, at 724-624-7478 or via email

Community Employment Services

Clients can participate in one of several training programs including food service, or janitorial maintenance. The 16 week program teaches the skills needed in specific jobs. Successful program graduates are placed in jobs within the community, frequently through our Job Coaching Program. Individuals are also referred to our training by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Job Training – AHS Job Training program was developed to assist individuals with disabilities in securing gainful employment at local businesses within their community. This program provides clients with intense one-on-one training and supervision until the individual can perform the job independently.

For more about this program, click here.

Supports Brokering Services

Supports Brokering is offered only to people and their families who are self-directing their services through the Pennsylvania Participant Directed Services System. The Supports Broker can provide coaching, consultation and guidance to people and their families as the individual and/or their family assume employer of record or managing employer roles. Everything from recruiting and supervising staff, to facilitating personal futures planning and community resourcing can be done by and with the Supports Broker.

The Supports Broker assists an individual with only participant directed aspects of their ISP and with enhancement of natural and generic community supports as identified in the ISP.

Some examples of the tasks of a Supports Broker include:

  • Assisting in developing Support Persons job descriptions, recruiting, developing work schedules, evaluating.
  • Linking individuals with community resources
  • Obtaining information on available supports to meet an individual’s needs
  • Providing information and guidance on the Office of Developmental Programs delivery system
  • Working with team members as a part of the individual’s Individual Support Plan team member

For more information, please contact Lynn Orawiec at (724) 624-7474 or via email at

Home and Community Support

A variety of services and supports are available to families caring for a child or adult sibling with an intellectual or developmental disability. Individuals live in private family homes where they can receive services, form relationships, participate in everyday family activities and be active members of their community. AHS services are a community-based alternative to more traditional care facilities and a welcome solution for families that are seeking quality services for a loved one.

Home and Community Support include selfcare needs, emotional supports, daily activities, recreational opportunities, social development, safety awareness, volunteer opportunities, and any skill building strategies services that can be provided in private homes, schools, communities and other settings of the person’s choice. A strong emphasis is placed on community involvement as well as positive family, sibling and peer interactions.

What Sets Us Apart

Arc Human Services is a large non-profit provider that has many programs and resources available to those we serve. Because of this, relationships with community entities and businesses are already established allowing for a quick start to services as well as on-going support that allows those we serve to be successful.

Our CBS services, leadership, and support staff are often cross trained between services. This allows the individuals we serve to remain with support staff that they have familiarity with and developed lifelong relationships. Many CBS services are structured with the ability to flow in succession should that be of benefit to the individuals. An individual served may begin receiving In-Home and Community or Community Participation Supports for a period of time. They then may choose to transition into one of our many employment service options. When this happens they have already been integrated in the community thus making it a more successful experience. They would also continue to work with the same team of support staff regardless of what program or service they would like to take part in.

A Great Place to Work

Arc Human Services CBS program’s are set in a fun and rewarding environment. One day you may be watching a sporting event with the individual you serve and the next you are helping him obtain his first paycheck. Community Based Services are set and structured within a small team that work closely and together to provide a rewarding experience for both the individual and their staff