As a contemporary abstract expressionist, Samantha Cortese examines organic shapes and colors to create her intuitive paintings. Inspired by small daily experiences as well as distant dreamlike memories, she experiments with the materialization of the emotion of those moments as visual representations onto canvas. To Samantha, her creative expression is the balance of an inspired idea and intuition. She is fascinated with color creation to communicate her sense of the world. This is expressed as highly textured works where she sees painting as a way to explore what happens when colors merge and shapes intersect. She typically reaches for acrylics, charcoal, and other mixed media that create layers to tell her story. Samantha graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. As an emerging artist, she entered the Pittsburgh art scene in late 2020. In less than 18 months her artwork has been exhibited in local galleries and commissioned pieces can be found adorning the walls of a Pittsburgh restaurant. She loves to connect clients with pieces for their spaces that speak to their desired ambiance. Samantha lives in Washington, Pa with her husband and two young children.
Artwork for sale via Arc Human Services.

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