The AHS Job Coaching program was developed to assist individuals with disabilities in securing gainful employment at local businesses within their community. This program provides individuals with intense one-on-one training and supervision until the client can perform the job independently.

This initial training helps ensure that job tasks meet the quality and standards of the employer, which in turn ensures long-term employment.

The Job Coaching objectives are:

  • To train individuals with disabilities to perform job tasks that meet the quality and quantity standards of community employers
  • To encourage social integration between employees with and without disabilities in community work sites
  • To ensure pay (minimum wage or above) based on the individual’s skill level and the community prevailing wage rate
  • To educate the individual, family or caregiver and employer about the value of community employment
  • To improve community awareness of the Arc Human Services Job Coaching program

Hiring an individual from the AHS Job Coaching program will provide any business with many benefits, including

  • On-site training for the new employee to meet employer specifications
  • Dependable long-term employees
  • National ARC Tax credits, if eligible
  • Possible on the job training stipends, if eligible

Once employed, we continue to work with both the employer and client. We follow up often to learn of any new tasks and duties and will assist the employer with any issues or questions that arise.

Need more reasons to hire an individual from Arc Human Services? Here are a few more reasons…

  • People with disabilities have equal or higher job performance ratings, higher retention rates and lower absenteeism.
  • People with disabilities are better educated than ever, and are proven to have met and/or exceeded challenges.
  • Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities in their workplace can receive tax credits.
  • Employing people with disabilities is good for the individual, the business and society. This a a “win-win-win” situation.
  • People with disabilities are motivated by the desire to give something back, and opportunities for personal growth, job flexibility and social inclusion.