Rhonda Felton

Rhonda is an emerging contemporary abstract artist, primarily working in acrylics. Predominantly self-taught, what began as a personal growth challenge to take that “first step off the ledge” into the unknown, painting has erupted as a destined channel of igniting and owning her creative spirit. The established ritual of lighting palo santo and painting in her bare feet enable her to feel grounded in the moment, granting the flow of energy to move the paint on the canvas. Bold use of colors and very heavy texturing with a palette knife display the artist’s signature style of painting. The artwork is unmistakably fully dimensional, with imagery literally jumping off the canvas, unapologetically demanding to be seen. A sense of freedom and passion are openly reflected in each one-of- a- kind artwork. Rhonda’s spirit and imagination are reflected in her art. When her work speaks to you, it creates a connection that is pure and magical.

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