Lisa Markowski

LISA MARKOWSKI, a contemporary mosaic artist.

In her own words:
“My art is evolutionary, driven by the gorgeous colors of glass and textures of various materials. Working from my studio in my home in Peters Twp, PA, I often start with a specific piece of glass. I then select my subject, gather potential materials: stained glass, tiles, millefiori, smalti, beads, stone, metal and pottery, etc. I often prepare my own substrates using foam board, mesh, thinset and a wide variety of glues and tints for coloring grout and thinset. As I focus on the interplay between color and texture, the work inevitably morphs many times. The original idea becomes more developed, the colors and shapes inspire me to go in different directions.

The finished pieces are individual creations that I hope bring joy!”

Artwork for sale via Arc Human Services.

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