Technology is transforming services for people living with intellectual disabilities & autism! It’s decreasing people’s reliance on paid support and increasing their independence. We believe that technology in support gives people the freedom to live more independently and still have access to support when needed.  This page is dedicated to sharing resources and project updates for Technology at AHS.

  Our Priorities

This priority focuses on optimizing and integrating technology in our business systems to improve care and support for people.  Our focus here will be on systems like our Electronic Health Records to manage health data, our Human Resources Information Systems for managing our employee data, and operations that support technology (such as help desk). 

This priority focuses on implementing and optimizing the way we use technology in supports and services. Our focus here will be on implementing teleservices (which are applications that use telecommunication technology to provide care and supports when they are needed) and remote supports (which are systems deliver supports virtually to a person served). 

This priority focuses on identifying and implementing technology for people we support to improve their independence and the quality of their life.  Our focus here will be on identifying assistive technologies (which are applications or devices which help people perform functions that might otherwise be difficult for them) and enabling technologies (which improve a persons capabilities for daily living). 

Current Technology Projects

Migration to Microsoft 365

Arc Human Services is migrating from Google to Microsoft 365.  While Google is a great solution, migrating from Google to Microsoft 365 is an important step for us that will improve the way we work together and help us modernize some of our communications with new tools like Teams and SharePoint. It will ultimately improve the security of our systems and our information. The project is underway and expected to be completed by July 31, 2023.


Implementing a New HRIS

Arc Human Services is migrating from a series of systems for HR Management toward a single, centralized, cloud-based HR management platform that facilitates the input and maintenance of all necessary employee data. We are working to identify and select a solution to implement position control, improve recruitment, selection, and onboarding of candidates, administer comprehensive payroll and benefits plan, to integrate scheduling with time and attendance, and ensure employee self-service portals. 

Optimizing the e-HR of Horizon Systems

As part of the Migration to Office 365,  Arc Human Services is working to transition our health tracking and daily documentation for our Residential Services from the JotForm solution to Horizon Information Systems.  Our goal will be to migrate any health records and health tracking currently part of the Google Suite in the Share Drive to Horizon and to implement daily documentation to ensure all claims for payment for residential services comply with the PA Waiver and Medicaid requirements.

StationMD Implementation Teleservices

As part of our overall technology strategy, we’ve partnered with StationMD, a telemedicine solution that offers specialized care for people with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism to prevent unnecessary hospital and urgent care utilization. By September 1, 2023, we aim to scale and implement StationMD solutions in Residential Services. The project will begin with a 10-home pilot and then scale to all residential sites with our goal that 90% of people in service have access to telehealth/teleservices.

Microsoft 365 Guides & Helpful Links

Microsoft 365 offers some great applications and tools.  Below is a brief summary of a few that will be most helpful at AHS:


    • Outlook:  Outlook provides access to your AHS email account. Use Outlook to send and receive messages, schedule meetings, save Contacts information, and collaborate with coworkers. To learn more, please visit the Microsoft Outlook Guide
    • OneDrive:  OneDrive provides secure, easy-to-use storage space that’s accessible from any device.  Data stored in your OneDrive is only accessible by default; however, you can choose to share data with anyone within AHS.  
    • OneNote:  OneNote stores and synchronizes your notes across all of your devices, so you can focus on your thoughts and ideas.
    • SharePoint:  Microsoft provides SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 Groups to collaborate with your coworkers. This will essentially replace the Drive in Google. You can create and edit documents in real time; develop shared calendars and email distribution lists, store and share project plans and important agency information (like Policies & Procedures). 
    • Teams:  Microsoft Teams provides chat, virtual meetings, and other real-time collaboration services to a SharePoint environment. You can use Teams to keep your group, project team, or work unit connected to work from any device and location.