AHS Student

Transition Program

ARC Works for Students is an individually designed transition program. It helps young adults explore their interests and discover their strengths while making the transition from high school student to productive citizen. Our program gives each student the opportunity to explore and create a life plan with the use of community work sites, an onsite vocational training facility, and a fully furnished apartment used to train in the area of daily living skills.

ARC Works for Students is a great resource for school districts and other community agencies that support individuals that are still attending classes or who have banked their diploma to continue their transition exploration through the school system. Our program is dedicated to developing a team where students, the community, families and educators all work hand in hand to provide individualized programming that will help facilitate success for each student.

ARC Works for Students is designed for individuals ages 15 to 21 with disabilities ranging from mild to more severe who are nearing the end of their high school careers. The program will provide a transition experience with specific goals in mind. Students will work toward the areas of community employment, day program/workshop based employment, and independent living skills. Each student will also have a program designed toward their specific needs. Part of that program will be ongoing functional assessments to determine progress and identify areas of strength and interest. ​

The objective of ARC Works for Students is to develop a clear plan for clients to follow after their school system experience. This objective will be accomplished through the team approach of students, family, schools, and community agencies all working together. These means that each student that participates in ARC Works for Students will be followed by a Director/Coordinator of Services, which will aid in the development and implementation of each student’s individualized program curriculum. A Job Coach will work under the Director/Coordinator to support each individual at the agency or in the community. Each student will also be followed by a team made up of Special Education Teachers, Agencies Supervisors, and family members who will meet to discuss progress as well as ongoing goals.